Friday, 14 June 2013

Grey days

                                            Grey, rainy days make me introspective.

I have been thinking a lot about compliments, I never know how to take them. Yesterday a lovely shop assistant stopped me to say she liked my hair. She was very polite and said she has been trying to get her hair to the same colour as mine for a while with out much success.

Instead of me being a normal human being and just accepting her complement I felt the need to run myself down. I am fairly certain I made her feel awkward and realised quite quickly that I may look like I am phishing for complements (when in fact I am just a socially awkward dork)

So my question to you guys is, how do you take complements? Is there some big life lesson I missed out on? Tips and advice are gratefully welcomed.

I have been drawing this afternoon, this is my first attempt at anything even vaguely feline. It is another one of those instances where I am told it looks good and I can't take a complement.

I know I'm not the best artist (there I go again sounding like I am phishing) but I am quite pleased with my work. So in the spirit of sharing, here is my effort at a tiger (for my dad for fathers day).

Have a great day,


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