Monday, 17 June 2013

Relaxed Monday

I have spent practically my entire day play "DiscWorld Noir", eating my way through 24 (Tesco value!) Jaffa Cakes and drinking more coffee from my TARDIS mug then the human body should be able to handle.

I have been tempted back to try out Twitter once again, I can't say I understand the concept particularly but I am having a go. Does anyone reading my blog have a Twitter account? Can you sell the benefits of it to me?

I feel a bit weird just adding people on Twitter, it feels like I have walked up to someone in the street I don't know and just starting chatting to them. I am a fairly poor judge of character and so much is so easily misconstrued on the internet I am unsure how I am supposed to develop an opinion on someone based on a few tweets and a photo.

Maybe I am just old fashioned.

On the whole today has been a good day.

Hope you are well,


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